Technical Terms

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Glossary Of Technical Terms
ASP Circuit Switching
Convergence Charging System
Graphical User Interface
kbps MMS MNO MNP MVNO NSP-I Network Management System
Second generation or 2G refers to the digital wireless communications system which uses circuit switching technology. GSM is one of the most widely used 2G mobile systems
Third generation or 3G refers to digital wireless communications system which uses both circuit and packet switching technology and offers higher speed data transmission rates (64kbps to 384kbps) than those available under 2G
Average revenue per user is used to measure and track the average revenue generated by XOX Group’s subscribers on a monthly basis. ARPU is calculated based on actual subscriber’s usage for the period divided by the monthly average number of active subscriptions
Application service provider
A method of transmitting voice or data which involves setting up a call or connection using switches and reserving the circuit for such use until the call or connection is terminated
A system which allows the convergence of subscription plans whereby the subscriber is able to have both postpaid and prepaid accounts for their flexibility. The convergence charging system is also able to merge the mobile service accounts with the internet
Global system for mobile communications; one of the most widely used standards for mobile communications, initially developed to standardise the use of mobile technology in Europe
A computer program that uses the computer’s graphics capabilities which translate text based programming language into pictorial icons that represent the information and actions available to user
Home location register is a database in a mobile network which records information relating to the subscribers
1,024 bits per second
Multimedia messaging services
Mobile network operator
Mobile number portability
Mobile virtual network operator
Network service provider-Individual
Network management system is a com bination of hardware and software used to monitor and administer a network. It allows XOX to monitor network and system integrity and perfonmance to ensure a high level of service availability
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Glossary Of Technical Terms (Cont’d)
Packet Switching
A method of transmitting voice, data and video using a data network. Packet switched networks break up messages or files into small packets. Each message packet may take a different route from origin to destination, travelling along network circurts that are shared with packets from other messages
SUbscriber identity module is an electronic card which stores the subscriber identity information and authentication key which identifies the subscriber to a network
Short messaging services
Service oriented architecture system is a system that uses a flexible set of design principles for implementing loosely­integrated suites of services that can be used within multiple business domains


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