Technical Terms

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XHAE XHAE Shares XHH or Company XHTT XHTT Shares XHUF XHUF Shareholders’
XHUF Shares
Technical References
Dagang Net
Dock leveller
GPS Kitting
Less than truck load cargo
MRT Multi axle trailer
Over-dimensional and heavy cargo
Palletising Pallet jack Picking
Prime mover
Xin Hwa Alito Engineering Sdn Bhd (659918-D)
Ordinary shares ofRM1.00 each in XHAE
Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad (1032102-P)
Xin Hwa Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd (447397-X)
Ordinary shares of RMl.OO each in XHTT
XH Universal Forwarding Sdn Bhd (957938-M)
Shareholders’ agreement dated 4 June 2014 between Ollr Company, Mohd

Johari Bin Mohamed Ripin, Md Zaliszan Bin Ahmad Kusaini and XHUF
Ordinary shares of RMl.OO each in XHUF

An e-commerce provider which was established in 1989 to facilitate easy trade transactions
A height adjustable platform wh ich is used to bridge the gap between the dock and truck or trailer for loading and unloading of cargo
Global Positioning System
Process of grouping and packaging individually separate but related items together and supplied as one unit
Cargo with weight or volume less than the maximum load capacity of the container
Mass Rapid TraLlsit A motorless vehicle with a low step frame, three (3) to six (6) axles and six
(6) to eight (8) wheels on each axle that is hauled by a prime mover for the
transportation of over-dimensional and heavy cargo
Cargo which are indivisible and too large or heavy to fit into a container
Storing or moving cargo by using pallet, a pOliable platform to place cargo
A device used to lift and move pallet
Process of selecting and collecting cargo from the warehouse in a specified quantity based on customer’s order
A vehicle that provides the motive power to haul a trailer
Process of packaging cargo into a unit load


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