Technical Terms

Active Server Page (ASP)
Algorithms Coplanarity
Die (Plural for die is dice or dies)
Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum
Extemalization Template library (XTL) Frame
Frame grabber
Fuzzy logic
High Speed Imaging Integrated Circuit (Ig
The extent to which a machine vision system can correctly measure or obtain a true value of a feature. The closerless of the average value of the measurements to the actual dimension
A web enhancemem tool that was developed and distribUled by Microsoft. ASP is simply a lext file script with the extension .asp containing HTML. client and server side script
Step-by-step procedure or method for solving a problem
Defined as a unilateral tolerance measured upward from the seating plane. The solder balls arc not all aligned with respect 10 lhe sealing plane. and a tolerance for this misalignment is specified
An individual rectangular pattern on a wafer that contains circuitry to perform Q specific function. The internal circuitry is made of thousands of tiny elecrronic parts. It refers to a semiconductor component or pan that has not yet been packaged. AJso known as Ie or chip (see definition on tq
A vast band of energy frequellcies extending from radio waves to gamma waves 10 x-rays elc ranging from very low frequencies 10 extremely high frequencies
Semiconductor manufacturers thal produces ‘he Ie. These companies nonnally procure lhe machines/bandlers from OEM (see definition) to perfonn the functions mentioned above.
XTL is a library of template classes and functions for reading/writing Solructured data taffrom an external (platform independent) representation
A complete video picture. representing a snapshot of a scene. with an effective exposure time of 40 miliseconds (“”ms”) (Europe) or 33.3 ms (USA)
A device which receives video from a camera. it, places it into memory. and makes the complete digitized image in mt:mQry available to the processor
A type of logic that recognises more than simple lTUe and false values. II represents a departure from classical two-valued sets and logic.. that use “soft” linguistic (e.g. large. small. hot cold. warnl) system variables and a continuous range of truth values in the. interval rO.I]. rather than slrict binary (true or fulse) decisions and assignments
Electronic image-processing equipment designed specifically for applications requiring high-speed operation. Probably of fixed / limited functionality
Image capture near, at or above 1800 parts per minute or (30 parts per second)
An electronic circuit that consists of a single chip usually of silicon material with many oomponents such as transistors. diodes and resistors fabricated on it
Informalion and Communication Technology (sec definition on IT)
Input/Output (I/O)
Lead count Lead frame
Machine Vision
Machine Vision Inspectton System Metrology Micron (micrometer) Noise
A global computer network of interconnected commercial. educational and governmental networks that utilise a common communications protocol. Originally designed by the US Depanment of Defence so that a communication network could withstand a nuclear war and serve military institution worldwide. the Internet was first known as the ARPANet. A system of linked computer networks. international in scope. that facilitates data communication services such as remote login, web surfing. file transfer. electronic mail, fmd newsgroup
Any program. operation or device that transters data to or from a computer and 10 or from a peripheral device. Tbe transfer of data to and from thc processor to memory, expansion slots and to tbe motherboard is also known as I/O
Information Technology -refers to the broad range of technologies and applications Ihal suppon the creation. processing, lransmission, storage and management of digital information. IT includes hardware systems such as computers and network equipment, as well as software applications that run on computers
A cross-platform programming language from Sun Microsystems that can be used to create animations and interactive features on World Wide Web pages. Java programs are embedded into HTML documents. Java is an interpreted language. This means that il is wrinen for a piece of software thai then interprets the code for the hardware/operating system. The Java Virtual Machine is the piece of software that interprets lava for different platforms
A Local Area Network is a communications network Ihat serves users within a confined geographical area. usually contained within one or more floors of an entire building complex
The metal conneclion that extends from a semiconductor device package 10 make contact with the printed circuit board
The total number of leads on a semiconductor device
A flat metal part which has a place to mount a semiconductor die llnd leads which can accept bond wires to connect 10 the die. The principal componem of many semiconduclor packages
The engineering of integrated mechanical-optical-electronic-software systems for examining natural objects and materials. human artifacts and manufacturing processes. in order to detect defects and improve quality, operaling efficiency and the safety of both producls and processes. It is also used to control machines used in manufacturing
The au:omated process of visually inspecting. a component or assembly for defects and/or measurement crileria using machine vision technology
Equipment or process used to produce a measurement
Unit of length. 1/1000 mm
Irrelevant or meaningless data resulting from various causes unrelated to the prime application requiremenls. In Machine Vision. noise is caused by varying ambient light (e.g. sun-light. fluorescent lubes providing environmemal lighting), dirt on the widget, optics or light source, as well as the usual sources of noise in electronics I;lquipment: eanh loops. EM radiation, capacitative coupling.. induction, ctc.
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
Pitch Pixel or Picture Element Precision Prism
Protocol Red-Grcen-Blue (RGB) Repeatability
Sales Agents
Sales Representatives A processing device. either an algorithm, or actual hardware, whose design was inspired by the design and functioning of animal bmins and components thereof. Most neurn! networks have some sort of “training” rule whereby the weights of connections are adjusted on the basis of presented patterns. In other words, neural networks “Ieam” from examples and exhibit some structural capability for generalisation
Machine makers or automation companies which produces handlers/machines to perform testing, vision and/or taping. Our vision systems are usually integrated onto their machines as part oflhe equipment to handle the device/unit inspection.
A polymcr~based board containing conductor tracks, which becomes an electrical circuit when components are attached/mounted and soldered 10 it. The components can either be soldered 10 the conductor tracks, or interconnected by means of wircbonds (chip and wire) or by solder bumps (flip chip)
A handheld device that combines computing, telephone/fax and networking features. A typical rDA can function as a cellular phone, fax sender, and personal organiser. Many PDAs incorporate handwriting and/or voice recognition features. PDAs also are called palmtops, handheld computers, and pocket computers
The center-to-center distance between adjacent leads on a pack.age
Smallesl addressable portion ora digital image. Within the boundaries ofa given pixel, the intensity and colour can be considered constant
The degree ofspread or deviation between each measurement of the same part or feature
An optical device with two or more non-parallel. polished faces from which light is either reflected or refracted. Often used to redirect light as in binoculars
The mles. fonnats and functions governing communications and interfaces between components in a communications or computer system or network
This is a tnree primary colour system used for video colour representation
The ability of a system to reproduce or duplicate the same measurement
Resolution is a measurement of the imaging system’s ability to reproduce object detail
Appointed to sell ViTrox’s machine vision systems to OEM/end-user in their area of coverage -e.g. Taiwan, China. Agenls will be provided widl quotations of the products based on their dealing with their customers. Agents will deal directly with tnese customers in terms of providing quotation and first-level service and support
Appointed to sell ViTrox machine vision systems to OEM/end-user in their area of coverage -e.g. Taiwan, China. ViTrox provides quotation for its vision systems to the OEM/end-users directly. Upon confirmation of the project and receipt of paymem. ViTrox will pay the sales represent3live a sales commission. Sales Representative role includes providing first-level service and suppor1
Systems Integration
Throughput Rate
Self-contained vision system, contained in the camera body, including lens, image sensor, image processing and decision-making functions like pass/fail functions, interface e1cctronics and software
An of constructing a harmonious assembly of oplical, lighting. mechanical hardware (tral’1Spon mechanisms, jigs, mounts). electronics (opto-electrOflics. analogue and digital), software and environmental-protection enclosures. 10 product a system that meets the agreed specification and is functionally and ergonomically acceptable to the users
Image-processing operation which converts a grey-scale image into a binary image, be setting all pixels above a defined value to white and all others to black. Despite its simplicity and intuitive appeal, fixed-value thresholding is unreliable and should alwa)’s be preceded by appropriate tiltering and careful control of the illumination level
Processing Speed -Nonnally expressed in parts per minute. This single parameter does not give any indication of the time required by a vision system to receive, analyse and interpret image formation for an individual piece-part

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