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2016 Annual Report

ViTrox Group recorded revenue of RM234.03 million in 2016, an increase of 46% over the RM160.29 million in previous financial year.
The increase was a result of strong demand of Tray Inspection, Advanced X-ray Inspection System and Advanced Optical Inspection System. We also experienced positive acceptance of our products, especially Tray Inspection and Advanced X-ray Inspection System enabling higher demands from a larger diversified customer base, which in turn will pave ways for future growth. Consequently, the PBT achieved RM60.92 million in 2016, an increase of 9% over RM55.73 million recorded in previous year. The PAT achieved RM64.85 million in 2016, an increase of 46% over RM44.32 million recorded in previous year mainly due to lower provision for taxation with effective of Pioneer Status granted by MITI. As such, basic earnings per share were 27.71 sen in 2016 against 19.00 sen in 2015.


A tax exempt interim dividend of 2.5 sen per ordinary share each amounting to RM5.9 million for financial year ended 31 December 2016 was paid to shareholders on 20 January 2017. The Board of Directors has recommended a final tax exempt dividend of 4.0 sen per ordinary share each for the financial year ended 31 December 2016. If approved at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, the final tax exempt dividends are estimated to be a total distribution of RM9.4 million.  In total, ViTrox is expected to declare a total dividend of 6.5 sen per share, with a total distribution of approximately RM15.3 million for the year.

Since its inception, ViTrox continues to deliver profitable financial performance. In year 2013, ViTrox broke a new record by achieving annual sale turnover of more than RM100 million. Encouraged by this performance, ViTrox again broke another new record by achieving turnover of more than RM200 million and new PBT record of RM61 million in 2016.  We envision further growth in the coming years. We look forward to develop new technologies and expand our product offerings as we have been doing previously. In addition, we will focus on market expansion activities, customer relationship building and product innovation to establish growth not only in the new financial year and for many years to come. Subject to the external market conditions and macroeconomic factors, we are confident that the 2017 will be a growth year considering the continuing strengthening of the global semiconductor industry. We are poised to make further progress in new technology while gaining customer loyalty with our demonstrated performance in previous years especially Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System. In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to ViTrox team on the technical excellence, product innovations, project execution and teamwork. On behalf of ViTrox, I would like to extend my appreciation to our valued business partners, investors, government agencies and Board of Directors for the continued support and contributions. Dato’ Seri Dr. Kiew Kwong SenPh.D (Hon), DPPN, DGPN, DSPNChairman / Independent Non-Executive Director

Best Company for IR
Best IR Professional
ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2016Malaysia Investor Relations (IR) Awards 2016ViTrox won the Malaysia IR Awards 2016 in the category of Best Company for IR and Best IR Professional.  These awards are aimed to recognize the achievements of top IR from the Malaysian listed entities through a comprehensive, independent IR Survey and poll of over 1,500 relevant buy-side and sell-side firms investing in or covering Malaysian equities.The awards were presented on 21 July 2016 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


ViTrox set a new revenue and profit records in 2016 since its inception 16 years ago. Revenue recorded at RM234.0 million which was a double-digit growth of 46.0% compared to a year ago.  It successfully broke another revenue milestone of RM 200 million within three years.  Profit Before Tax stood at RM60.9 million which representing a 9.3% growth. With the confirmation of effective date of pioneer status from the relevant authorities, net profit also hit the highest record in the history of RM64.8 million which representing a double-digit growth of 46.3%.


ViTrox product innovation is always centered around delivering innovative, advanced and cost effective machine vision and embedded electronics solution & services to our customers with uncompromised quality. ViTrox Business Development and Research & Development team work hand in hand to offer customers long-term inspection solution fulfilling their immediate and future needs for better productivity, efficiency, quality and ease of use. ViTrox will continue to invest in product innovation for the Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly industries while exploring new opportunities in other high growth sectors.ViTrox comprises four core business units, (1) Machine Vision System – Standard (MVSS); (2) Machine Vision System – Tray based (MVST); (3) Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and (4) Electronics Communication System (ECS). The product innovation strategy to launch at least two new or enhanced products into the market every 12 months for every business unit will be continued. This strategy, which was started 5 years ago, successfully uplift ViTrox’s products’ performance and quality to world class standard and hence well position ViTrox as the world leading solution provider of advanced machine vision technology for the Semiconductor back-end assembly and test and electronics assembly industries.To better position ViTrox products to meet the need of industrial 4.0, ViTrox initiated a multi-year initiative (Codename: V-ONE) two years ago focusing on exploration and research & development of smart tools and features related to real-time machine-to-machine communication, data visualization and analytic, automated alert trigger, self-diagnostic, self-learning and predictive maintenance. All these on-going development will ultimately make ViTrox’s machine smarter in delivering optimized values to our customers to achieve highest productivity and quality.


The strong revenue in FY2016 was mainly attributed to the successful execution of the market penetration strategies in growth areas namely China, US, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil.  The new and improved series of inspection system and equipment, serving the growing semiconductor back-end and the electronics manufacturing industries also contributed to the record high revenue this year.The financial position remains stable and healthy with cash and cash equivalent of RM110.1 million as of 31 December 2016 compared to RM64.0 million a year ago. Long-term debt was at RM32.1 million as of 31 December 2016, compared to RM3.9 million a year ago. The increase in borrowing was raised to finance the construction of the ViTrox 2.0 Campus at Batu Kawan Industrial Park which is scheduled to be completed in FY2017.Earnings per share (EPS) rose to 27.71 sen from 19.00 sen a year ago and return on equity increased to 25% from 21% a year ago.ViTrox continued its phenomenal record of 16 consecutive years of profitability through sheer determination and hard work from all of its high-spirited ViTroxians! The right people, product and culture help in shaping the strong business fundamental for continuous growth!
New Products ReleasedViTrox launched more than eight new and enhanced vision inspection systems and equipments, and embedded electronics communication system devices to support our customers in FY2016. Some of the highlights are:-Machine Vision System – Standard (MVS-S)(a) VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler: The enhanced version extends the capability of the machine by introducing new track for carrier tape with 2mm pocket pitch and speed improvement up to 80,000 unit per hour. Besides, the new VR20i also complies with CE Marking.
Machine Vision System – Tray based (MVS-T) (cont’d)(b) Multi-bin Tray to Tray Vision Handler/Sorter: The enhanced tray-to-tray vision handler,  developed based on the standard TH1000Si model, includes an additional output tray (total of 4) to enable multiple binning of IC packages based on the individual identifier (QR Code). Besides the usual 2D and 3D inspection capabilities, the new model acts as a IC device sorter, based on the inspection results. This enhanced model enables our customers to segregate products based on its characteristics such as quality, performance and grading.


Multi-bin Tray to Tray Vision Handler / Sorter
Machine Vision System – Tray based (MVS-T)(a) Smart-Reel Changer (SRC): It enables automated changing of tape/reel upon completion of a production lot. Vision handler that comes with this innovative module can support up to 10 reels capacity (8mm tape width) before user intervention is required, thus reducing machine idle time and increasing machine utilization.
Automated Board Inspection (ABI)For the year under review, ABI successfully launched the following innovative products in the market: -(a) New generation Advanced 3D  Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI) (V310i): The newly launched SPI system with higher throughput Programmable Spatial Light Modulation (PSLM) and new 5M Pixel camera have improved the throughput of the SPI system by 40%. The improved measurement accuracy in the new generation SPI helps us to compete effectively with the market leader. When integrate with the Intelligent Link, V510 2D/3D AOI and V810 AXI system, we can now create the value of having all the measurement results from the three inspection systems available for Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis and buy off.

Smart-Reel Changer (SRC)

In FY2016, the focus in operation remained to streamline ViTrox value stream processes and systems through lean initiative while supporting the business ramp.  Some of the key accomplishments are:• In the effort to achieve ViTrox’s operation excellence and long-term business sustainability, proactive actions are being taken to reduce the Group’s inventory holding cost and aged account receivables while supporting business expansion in FY2016. Lead by the Group Chief Financial Officer, a task force comprises business unit heads and key operation leaders are formed to mitigating these key risk areas. For the aged receivables, a more rigorous payment term to new customers, weekly and monthly review and follow up on outstanding account receivables as well as making the right stakeholders accountable for the improvement of their respective account receivables are implemented. With cohesive efforts from the team, the Group’s Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) was successfully reduced by 20% from 158 days in FY2015 to 127 days in FY2016. For inventory cost, a cross-functional team consists of the Finance, Business Development, Service and Support, Manufacturing and Store were set-up to look into the issue and take necessary steps to reduce the holding cost and hence improve efficiency. A more stringent inventory reserve policy was implemented for aged raw material, semi-finished goods, work-in-progress, finished goods and demo units. Besides, monthly aged inventory review meeting with all stakeholders was conducted to study and to derive countermeasures for inventory cost reduction and hence improve the Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) of the Group. As a result, the DIO was successfully reduced by 24% from 303 days in FY2015 to 231 days in FY2016. The management team is committed to continuously improving the DIO and DSO to match or exceed the world class standard in the industry. • Direct material cost reduction initiatives were being carried out for critical high-cost items. This objective was accomplished through dual sourcing strategy and alternative supply strategy.
Automated Board Inspection (ABI) (cont’d)(b) Advanced 3D Optical Inspection System (AOI) (V510i Optimus 3D): The new 3D AOI Graphical User Interface (GUI) known as Jet Power with many advancements improves the user friendliness and to reduce programming time is released in December 2016.  Examples of the new values created include full boards view, multiple delete features, Statistic Chart on measurement data for ease of fine tuning, new algorithm/fiducial trainer and many others.  In addition, a new set of algorithm for solder profiling, coplanarity and tall component measurement capability is released in FY2016.     (c) V510i 2D/3D XXL platform: The new AOI platform is with dual staging inspection capability without the extended conveyor.  This has increased the board size inspection coverage to 620mm by 683mm.(d) Robotics Vision Inspection for Solid State Drive (V910i): The V910i is released in FY2016 to address the inspection requirement of Solid State Device (SSD) product. The system is capable of inspecting various cosmetic defects, finishing, and measuring of the mechanical dimension of critical parts. The implementation of this fully automated inspection capability in the SSD assembly lines has helped our customers to assure the finishing quality of SSD, improving the production efficiency and reducing the overall manufacturing cost. ViTrox’s commitment to product innovation and relentless efforts in continuous improvement have increased customer confidence in ViTrox’s value proposition. With a broader range of new products in the pipeline, ViTrox is ready to expand its market share and customer base to a bigger geographical area covering Asia, America and Europe.
OPERATION (cont’d)

• An initiative to streamline assembly resources towards variable cost model was being implemented to achieve higher flexibility and better cost structure.  Furthermore, the assembly resources were being trained to support more ranges of systems building to enhance resource flexibility in operation to support business ramp.• New Product Introduction (NPI) is part of ViTrox’s strategic activity to stay competitive as the technology leader. The cross-functional team consists of Research & Development, Procurement and Manufacturing were being formed to ensure smoother hand-over of NPI projects to manufacturing, from both cost and manufacturability perspectives.The journey to becoming Lean Enterprise continue to be ViTrox’s focus in the year under review. ViTrox relentlessly proliferates the culture of Kaizen in whole company with total 194 Spot Kaizen sessions accomplished in the area of Productivity, Quality and Cost Improvement in FY2016. All these ideas from the Spot Kaizen are submitted by all level of employees, interns and sub-con staffs from cross functional departments. As part of the efforts to inculcate Lean Culture in the company, the brand new Lean Deployment Function (LDF) portal was launched in Q4 2016. Employees can now learn Lean knowledge through this online portal, on top of that all ViTroxians also can visualize the end to end Value Stream Mapping (VSM) online. This helps to facilitate the culture of focusing on the customer and enabling all ViTroxians to surface up the non-value added activities in the end-to-end VSM.
In FY2016, ViTrox signed a MoU with Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) to run a program of High Productivity Through Lean implementation. Through collaboration with MPC and CADVision System Sdn Bhd, ViTrox trained and guided total 510 SMEs in adopting Lean practices and culture. This collaboration is part of ViTrox’s effort to becoming a Learning and Teaching Organization. Through this program, ViTrox also helps to enhance and strengthen lean manufacturing knowledge of its suppliers and vendors.ViTrox declared FY2017 as Year of Quality and the Quality Awareness campaign was launched on 17 November 2016 with the tagline of “Quality Starts from Me.” The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of quality in everything we do. ViTrox is committed to continuously improve the quality of ViTrox’s products and services to fulfill customers’ expectation through the implementation of stringent quality and process control in product design, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning. Meantime, various trainings are provided to ViTroxians to improve their competencies in lean and quality on a regular basis.On top of that, the company also in the middle of revamping its whole Lean Quality Management System with the aim to become ISO 9001:2015 certified company in FY2017.
Revenue (RM ‘000)
R&D/Revenue %
R&D Expenditure (RM ‘000)
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTViTrox is committed to invest significant amount of resources for research and development of vision inspection and embedded electronics technologies. R&D investment has been growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 38.9% in the past 10 years. In an average, ViTrox invested 14.1% of its revenue for R&D per year, which is more than 15 times of Malaysia’s average R&D expenditure over Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In FY2016, ViTrox invested RM31.4 million, representing 13.4% of our revenue, for research and development activities across all business units in ViTrox.Major research and development breakthroughs in FY2016:-• Wafer Inspection Solution: Wafer inspection capability for 6” and 8” wafer in both wafer ring and hoop ring format is successfully developed. The setup is capable of  inspecting for die surface defects up to 5 um in length. Defects such as contamination, scratches, chipped off, cracked and discoloration can be automatically detected and mapped in just a split of a second by ViTrox’s proprietary hardware and software algorithm. This solution helps to eliminate manual inspection process which is tedious, labor-intensive and inconsistent in  quality.
• XL BGA Inspection: The enhanced hardware and software capabilities enable inspection of extra-large size BGA (supporting dimensions/sizes up to 62.5mm). Using an additional inspection station, inspection of large-sized IC packages can now be accomplished without compromising the inspection accuracy and speed for other conventional IC packages.• µCrack Inspection: The next generation of ultra-high resolution optics enhances the system’s capability to detect µCrack as small as 0.7µm (bare-die surface). The primary challenge usually faced, when inspecting surface at such minute level, is appearance of non-related background noises (e.g. grinding lines on the surface). Using advanced and proprietary lighting techniques, these image noises can be filtered consistently to reduce risk of over-reject. • High-speed POP (Package On Package) Inspection: The newly developed Phase-shift Profilometry (PSP) hardware enables more consistent projections of fringe patterns over a larger coverage area, hence enabling multiple POP IC packages to be inspected concurrently. This effectively increases the throughput of POP inspection at least by two times and hence reducing the return of investment period.
SALES & MARKETINGFor the year under review, ViTrox exported 75% of goods and services to more than 20 countries including China, the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Japan and Hungary. Our expansion of Sales Channel Partners (SCPs)and the direct sales and support team in China produced promising results with revenue contribution increased by 54% from RM 37 million in FY2015 to RM 57 million in FY2016. China is also the highest revenue contribution country from abroad. In addition, revenue contribution from Taiwan also improved from RM12 million in 2015 to RM24 million, representing an increase of more than 100% growth due to improved demand of tray inspection handler from Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) companies in Taiwan.Our strategy to widen our customer base is propelling our expansion globally, especially in emerging markets around the world.
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (cont’d)• V510i 3D AOI Series II: This NPI comes with in house developed projectors with twice the Field of View (FOV), higher resolution fringe pattern and faster projection speed.  Combine with the 12M pixel CoExpress camera and high performance Graphic Processing Unit, the speed and height measurement accuracy have been improved by two times. The new system successfully turned 3D AOI inspection speed similar or faster than 2D AOI which was not possible in the past. It will position V510 3D AOI Series II as the market leader.• Robotics Vision Inspection for mechanical parts (V920i): This system is initiated to serve the stringent inspection needs of mechanical parts in the automotive industry, one of the world’s most important economic sector by revenue. These mechanical parts are used in automobile engines, thus high precision and strict quality requirement must be ensured. By deploying this intelligent high speed robotic vision inspection for mechanical fabricated parts, the outgoing quality of these parts are now controlled, highly consistent and predictable as compared to manual human inspection.• High resolution AXI system (V810i): Development of the 2×2 and 1×1 binning capability on the V810i system to increase the magnification as high as 3um per pixel is in good progress. This is feasible with the adoption of world fastest and finest resolution Time Delay Integration (TDI) camera developed in house. This enhanced camera technology, planed to be released in FY2017, will improve the HIP and solder defect detection capability for Ultra-fine Pitch Component.
Revenue Distributionby Country (2015)
Revenue Distributionby Country (2016)
SALES & MARKETING (cont’d)Through increasing number of SCPs and internal sales and support personnel abroad, ViTrox’s customer base in China, Taiwan, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia have been increasing over the last 3 years. The strategy worked well as there was a substantial increase in revenue contribution from these countries.Machine Vision System – Tray based (MVS-T)FY2016 recorded a significant improvement in sales, up by 110% as compared to FY2015. Correspondingly, unit shipment also recorded a triple digit percentage growth. The significant improvement in results was attributed to the increase in new customer qualified accounts and introduction of new products and functions. Machine orders from new customers attributed a significant 49%, whereas new products contributed 8% of MVST’s total sales for FY2016. Top three buying customers contributed 42% of MVST’s total sales, which is a healthy diversification indicator. To reiterate the past year’s strategy, MVST will continue to focus on expanding its customer base in order to further diversify and stabilise the annual revenue growth. Additionally, MVST is increasing its product offerings via NPIs to create compelling value differentiation for its customers. The goal remains to be amongst the top-tier tray-based vision handler solutions provider within the next two to three years in Asia Pacific.Automated Board Inspection (ABI)FY2016 finished with surpassing news from all market segments especially in the last two quarters of FY2016.  Market is expected to be strong in FY2017. This is well supported by the Global Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) leading indicator where it reached its highest point since October 2014 signaling that seasonally adjusted world manufacturing growth will accelerate during first half of FY2017.  ABI has been riding on this wave with the sales increased much higher than its competitors mainly contributed by the confidence of existing and new customers with respect to the product value differentiation, dedicated service and sales excellency.
Taiwan-listed Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) companies’ November revenues reflected the strong close to FY2016 and business outlook continue to be very encouraging.  In FY2016, ViTrox’s Advanced X-ray Inspection (AXI) has been well accepted by many ODM companies, ABI will embark FY2017 by taking this advantage and grow together with the Taiwan ODMs through the success story in FY2016.  With Trump’s efforts to encourage more manufacturing activities returning back to the USA, ABI will be benefited as most of the key Contract Manufacturers (CMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the USA are ABI’s value customers.  ABI will continue its best effort to protect the stronghold in USA which is important as it has helped the business unit to win new customers very effectively through the good words from existing customers.ABI foresees that the 5DX replacement initiative will accelerate in FY2017 where the team will be working hand in hand with its customers to ensure flawless transition from 5DX to V810 platform. In FY2016, there were approximately ten V810i sold due to 5DX replacement plan from customers.  This number is expected to grow twice or even higher in FY2017.  Similarly, ABI shall continue to promote the new 3D AOI to the market by winning the AVL from the top CMs, OEMs and ODMs in the world. The effort will prolong in order to ride on the wave of this disruptive innovation with substantial market growth opportunity. FY2016 revenue contribution from 3D AOI is 11% of ABI revenue with sales of more than 30 3D AOI systems.
Market Outlook: Electronics ManufacturingAccording to The Global Market for Electronics Contract Manufacturing and Design Services published by BBC Research in July 2015, the global market for electronics contract manufacturing services should reach nearly USD 845.8 billion by 2021 with five-year CAGR of 8.6% from 2016-2021. Meantime, from the latest market research report “Surface Mount Technology Market by Equipment, Application, Geography – Global Forecast to 2022”, the SMT equipment market is expected to be valued at USD 5.42 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 8.9% between 2017 and 2022 where inspection equipment is expected to grow at the highest rate between the forecast period.Inspection equipment plays a vital role in the SMT manufacturing industry as placement defects can occur both before and after reflow. The SMT inspection equipment market is driven by the improving product technology, responsiveness, reliability, and quality of inspection. The increasing need for this equipment in telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, and computing & storage is expected to drive its demand during the forecast period, according to the report.
BUSINESS STRATEGIESViTrox will continue to uphold its core and long term strategy to focus on research and development in machine vision and embedded electronics technologies supporting industrial 4.0, global market expansion and diversification as well as business process optimization through lean implementation across all operation in the organization. Market Outlook: SemiconductorBased on IC Insight’s McClean Report, March 2017 Update, semiconductor unit shipments totaled USD 868.8 billion in 2016 and are forecasted to climb to USD 1,002.6 billion devices in 2018.For 2017, semiconductor products showing the strongest unit growth rates are essential building-block components in smartphones, new automotive electronics systems, and within systems that are helping to build out of Internet of Things. Among Opto, Sensor & Discrete (O-S-D) devices, CCDs and CMOS image sensors, laser transmitters and every type of sensor product (magnetic, acceleration and yaw, pressure, and other sensors) are expected to enjoy strong double-digit unit growth this year, according to the IC Insight, March 2017 Update.
Tracking Semiconductor Unit Growth
Billions of Units
Source: IC Insights
Market Outlook: Electronics Manufacturing (cont’d)According to the latest market outlook research “SMT Inspection Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trend and Analysis Through 2020”, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2016 – 2020. The SMT inspection market is expected to reach nearly USD 1.37 billion by 2020. On equipment type, AXI is expected to grow at a higher rate compared to AOI and SPI.The uptrend market outlook in the semiconductor and electronics assembly manufacturing sectors in the next 2-3 years coupled with ViTrox’s strong line-up of innovative, advanced and cost effective machine vision inspection products, and dedicated sales channel partners worldwide, ViTrox is well positioned to capture bigger market shares in both sectors in the next few years.At ViTrox, we envision that the demand for our smart vision inspection machines in the semiconductor and electronics assembly manufacturing sectors will continue to grow. The two main driving factors for the demand are:- (1) Increased complexity of semiconductor packages such as 3D stacking or package on package devices and the miniaturization of consumer electronics products and rapid innovation in the consumer electronics and gadgets will demand more and more inspection capabilities to ensure better product quality. (2) Adoption of industrial 4.0 or smart manufacturing features by major customers to improve productivity and operation efficiency, where data will be collected from everywhere, anytime and subsequently analyzed to achieve the most optimum overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The purpose of inspection machine is now shifted from mere defect detection to defect prevention and ViTrox inspection machines are and will be equipped with smart features to cater for the needs of our customers in supporting the industrial 4.0 for higher productivity and efficiency. Manufacturers must upgrade their facilities with smarter connected machines and intelligent software system to stay competitive and relevant in the business.With its 16 years of unwavering focus on machine vision inspection technology for the semiconductor and electronics assembly manufacturing industries, ViTrox is well-positioned as a competitive and leading smart vision inspection solution provider of advanced 2D & 3D optical and X-Ray inspection equipment for the semiconductor back-end manufacturing as well as electronics assemblies manufacturing companies around the world.
NPIs, especially targeting new IC package and sensor variants, wider customer coverage and joint collaboration with key semiconductor IDMs, IC design houses and OSAT, will ensure sustainable growth for MVST in the next 3-5 years.FY2016 has been an outstanding year for ABI where we grew our revenue by 44%. The key contributors towards the growth are from new product, market share expansion and technology evolution that create higher demand for 3D AXI.  In FY2017, we will continue with the initiative to add new and capable SCPs in order to expand the market reach, release new technology differentiation to maintain market leadership position, launching new products to capture the white space and advancing V-ONE to enable Industry IoT implementation.  In addition, we will be driving the following new strategies as the grow engine for ABI in FY2017.• Launching New Product for adjacent market: The V910i Robotic Vision for high value Final Visual Inspection (FVI) and V920i Robotic Vision for Mechanical Part inspection for automotive industry.  We believed that there is a huge market for these 2 products where we can leverage our existing worldwide SCPs to promote and sell the product.• Penetrate into China and India’s CM, ODM and OEM market: We have been working with multiple SCPs from China and India to grow our market share in the local CM, ODM and OEM market in the past two years.  The result is encouraging. As we strengthen our branding in the world, the trust from China and India SCPs has been strengthen where we are seeing them promoting our product aggressively in Q4 FY2016.  We are confidence that this well reputable and capable SCPs will bring us many new CM, ODM and OEM customers from China and India in helping us to penetrate into these challenging markets.
PEOPLE ORIENTATION ViTroxians always strive for excellence in everything we do with IACTG spirit. Through sheer will and determination, the team accomplished a challenging mission by growing the business by more than 45% amidst a soft and volatile market condition. In the year under review, while multinational companies shut down or downsize their operation in Malaysia due to unfavorable economic and market condition, ViTrox decided to turn this situation to our advantage through aggressive hiring drive in which we took part in 11 career fairs and 18 career talks across 11 universities and colleges.71 new faces joined ViTrox family in FY2016, making the total headcount to 441 from 370 a year ago, to support the business expansion and NPI. Many of the new hires are engineering or science graduates who are later assigned to work in the area of research & development, technical and application support, manufacturing as well as shared services.In ViTrox, we firmly believe employee development is important not only for professional but also their personal growth, especially in sharpening their competencies, enhancing employee engagement and emotional intelligence, and realizing their capabilities to the fullest potential. In FY2016, ViTrox invested more than RM 800,000 in 204 training sessions comprising of 17,000 hours (equivalent to 41 hours on average per employee) of learning and development in various technical and soft skill development programs.Aside from technical training, the value of soft skill training matters no less too. Over the years, we have introduced soft skill training such as Dale Carnegie Leadership Program to fellow ViTroxians to tap into and further strengthen their personality traits, positive attributes, communication and leadership skills. When employees are engaged to and feel appreciated at work, organizational performance will too, excel as a whole. We are living in the age of innovation, and the technology is set to be a seemingly inexorable march. ViTrox’s Centre of Excellence for Machine Vision (CoE) was established since 2014 and geared to head spear the creation of an ecosystem for advanced manufacturing technologies in Malaysia.
The ViTrox’s CoE acts as a platform to share knowledge and insights of machine vision technologies and how it could impact us in this fast moving world. To drive the growth of ecosystem, ViTrox encourages local small and medium enterprises (SME) and students to explore the wonders by providing technical training and hosting learning visitations to the company. We recognize the importance of key players in the ecosystem, thus ViTrox’s internal subject matter experts work closely with external experts to design and deliver quality training for the benefit of SMEs and universities students. Over the years, we have connected with more than 1,500 local small and medium enterprises via various training and networking activities on the awareness and exposure to machine vision technology. With the effort of expanding the growth of machine vision system, we have paired with our strategic collaboration partners to offer a dynamic and diversified range of advanced knowledge to our local small and medium enterprises. With consistent knowledge sharing of machine vision technologies, our local small and medium enterprises are aspired to send more of their employees to learn more, after attending our training.With that, ViTrox has also worked with local technology accelerators to promote the growth and emergence of new local starts-up to nurture the adoption of machine vision technology.
Besides cultivating the effort in preserving the environment, ViTrox also encouraged employees to volunteer themselves to contribute to the community. ViTrox introduced ‘V-Serve’ program with the aim to cultivate the spirit of serving, giving and loving for the betterment of our communities. ViTrox donates RM50 for every hour contributed by volunteers to NGOs. 45 employees participated in this program and contributed total of 197 volunteer hours in year 2016 in various community activities which include Eden Charity Fair, World Vision, Tzu-Chi dialysis center’s learning tour, blood donation, school fund raising events and public talks. EducationOn the education front, ViTrox sponsored events organized by universities and colleges to support the initiative of nurturing local young talents in Engineering & Science. These sponsored events are RoboArms Challenge in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Intercampus Robotics Competition at UTAR, Robofest Competition in USM and Inaugural Young Leadership Accelerator Programme at KDU.To promote innovative culture in engineering design work, tackle real-world problems with practical engineering solutions, and churn out brightest talents for product development, further research, and commercialization, ViTrox sponsored and led a new design track in one of the most prestigious undergraduate engineering design competition, the Innovate Malaysia 2016,  where the program successfully attracted 16 teams from various local universities to participate in the ViTrox’s track to design and develop machine vision solution to solve real-world problems.Apart from that, our team regularly hosts industry learning visits to the ViTrox campus for students from secondary and tertiary schools, with the aim to inspire them on how science and technology have made a great impact on our world today.Striving to be an organisation that cares for its community, ViTrox will continue the corporate conscience programmes in the focus areas to create a more positive social impact.
CORPORATE CONSCIENCEViTrox is a value driven organization where we aim to create a meaningful company culture where our people strive to make a positive difference to the world through technology breakthrough and innovation. ViTrox is also determined to make a positive social impact in the community we operate in with loving kindness through our corporate conscience programme reaches out to different areas, including community development, education and environmental protection. For the year under review, we initiated a series of corporate conscience programs. Our serving was not limited to monetary funds only as we also lent our time and effort to help bringing about changes in the lives of others. CommunityVolunteerism as an integral part of ViTrox’s employee engagement strategy to create a unique and harmonious working culture. There are nine special interest clubs established in ViTrox to cultivate the spirit of volunteerism among employees. For the year under review, 105 ViTroxians collectively contributed 1,068.5 hours of volunteer time in various community and social activities.ViTrox initiated ‘V-Meal Green Monday Lunch’ program to serve and subsidize vegetarian meal for all ViTroxians with the aim to promote good health and save our future generations by protecting our mother nature. In order to encourage more employees to participate in this program, ViTrox subsidizes RM3 for every meal and donates RM1 for every meal ordered by employees for charity purpose. To further cultivate environment protection culture, ViTrox encourages every employee to practice the habit of 5Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle) in their daily life. Recycle bins and recycle center were set-up in various corners in ViTrox to collect recyclable items brought in by ViTroxians from their workplace and home. Proceeds from selling recyclable items were donated to NGO on regular basis. In addition, ‘V-Sell’ Program was also launched to provide a platform for employees to sell or purchase second hand items with the purpose to prolong item’s life cycle. A total of 98 secondhand items were sold in year 2016.



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