Technical Terms

Company No. 1009114-M
Public Issue Share(s) or Issue Share(s) QC RCPS or Titijaya RCPS REHDA RHBIB RM and sen SACC Safetags SC
Sendi Bangga
Terbit Kelana TGSB Titijaya or Company Titijaya Group or Group
Titijaya PMC
Titijaya Share(s) or Share(s)

Underwriting Agreement


Technical References
GDV SoFo SoHo sq ft. sq. metre 81,705,000 Titijaya Shares to be issued pursuant to the Public Issue
Quality control Redeemable convertible preference shares ofRMO.50 each in our Company
Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association
RHB Investment Bank Berhad (l9663-P)
Ringgit Malaysia and sen, respectively
Shah Alam City Centre Sdn Bhd (221568-X)
Safetags Solution Sdn Bhd (755016’A)
Securities Commission of Malaysia
Sendi Bangga Development Sdn Bhd (650372-W)
Terbit KeIana Development Sdn Bhd (594783-M)
Titijaya Group Sdn Bhd (579358-P)
Titijaya Land Berhad (I 009114-M)
Titijaya, NPO Development, NPO Land, Sendi Bangga, SACC, City Meridian,

Saferags, Liberty Park, Aman Kemensah, Terbir Kelana, Pin Hwa, Epoch

Property, Prosperous Hectares and Titijaya PMC collectively Titijaya PMC Sdn Bhd (fOlmerly known as Platinum Project Management Sdn Bhd) (l047442-P)
Ordinary share(s) of RMO.50 each in our Company
The underwriting agreement dated 28 October 2013 made bctween our Company and our Underwriter for the underwriting of up to 17,000,000 Public Issue Shares
Yaelba Sdn Bhd (formerly lmown as Titijaya Berhad) (905270-D)

Certificate of Fitness for Occupation
Certificate of Completion and Compliance Gross Developmcnt Value Small Office Flexible Office Small Office Home Office Square feet

Square metre


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