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I Company No. 1016725-P
R&D RM and sen SC SGD SKU
Solid Corporation Solid Corporation Group Solid Group or Group Solid or Company Solid Share(s) or Share(s) sq. ft. Third party brand
Underwriting Agreement
Uni Point US or USA USD

Technical References Air compressor
Air/oil filter
Air spring Research and development Ringgit Malaysia and sen, respectively


Securities Conunission
Singapore Dollar
Stock-keeping unit is an identification ofa particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes Solid Corporation Sdn Bhd (88I87-A) Solid Corporation and its subsidiary companies, collectively Solid and its subsidiary companies, collectively Solid Automotive Berhad (1016725-P) Ordinary share(s) ofRMO.50 each in Solid Square feet Automotive parts which are not marketed under Solid’s trade mark Twinco Far East Sdn Bhd (3245 I 6-P) United Arab Emirates United Kingdom The underwriting agreement dated 2 August 2013 made between our Company
and our Underwriter for the underwriting of 22,500,000 Public Issue Shares available for application by the Public and for placement to Bumiputera investors approved by MITI
Uni Point Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (72146 -U) United States of America United States of America Dollar
A device that converts power (usually from an electric motor, a diesel engine or a gasoline engine) into kinetic energy by compressing and pressuring air, which, on command, can be released in quick bursts
A filter found in a motor vehicle that cleans the air by trapping dirt particles and preventing them from damaging the engine cylinders, walls, piston and piston rings. Oil filter is a filter found in a motor vehicle that takes in dirty oil and removes the particulates and crud which are hannful to the engine by trapping them in the filter media and returns the clean oil to the engine
A load carrying component within an air suspension system that helps to reduce vibration

I Company No. 1016725-P
Automotive aftermarket Axle
Brake drum
Clutch cover Clutch disc
Crankshaft Drag link Gasket
Gearbox Ignition coil Intake and exhaust
manifold Leaf spring


Oil sump An electromechanical device that can charge the battery or power the electrical system of a motor vehicle when the engine is running by converting
mechanical energy into electrical energy
All products and services purchased for all motor vehicles after completion of the initial sales of these motor vehicles to the consumers
A central shaft attached to a rotating wheel or gear that supports the vehicle load
Rotating light affixed to the roof of a motor vehicle such as police car,
ambulance and fire engine that are used to attract attention of surrounding pedestrians or motor vehicles
A round metal drum which rotates along the wheel, contacts with brake shoe when brake pedal is stepped and slows down a moving vehicle by converting
its momentum into heat A device in motor vehicle which blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engme
A metal casing which encases the clutch disc
The part of the clutch which receives the driving motion for the flywheel and
pressure plate assembly and transmits the motion to the transmission shaft

Used alternator and starter units that can be remanufactured into a fully
functional rebuilt alternators and starters
A rotating component of an engine mounted to the lower side of the eugine


block that converts vertical piston movement into rotary motion
A link which connects the steering gear to the steering arm to transmit motion
to tum the wheels
A mechanical seal made of asbestos, cardboard, cork, paper, rubber, or soft metal which is used to prevent gas or fluid leakages betweeu two (2) matched parts
A collection of meehauieal components that delivers power from an engine by
managing a series of gear ratios that in turn operate a transmission
An iuduction coil that ampliry the low voltage of battery to create electric spark in spark plug
Intake manifold supplies air or a mixture of air and fuel to the cylinders in engine while exhaust manifold collects and channels exhaust gases from
multiple cylinders iuto one (1) pipe
Part of vehicle suspensiou which consist of one (1) or more slightly curved narrow plates of equal width and varying lengths clamped together with shorter plates in the centre to fOlm a semi elliptical shape A thin cylindrical metal part that is fitted into au engine block to form a cylinder
A low space below the engiue that pools the oil used to lubricate the engine’s
moving parts

I Company No. 1016725-P
Piston Propeller shaft Regulator Relay


Sealed beam Shock absorber

Solenoid switch
Starter Stator
Steering pump A moving engine component contained by a cylinder liner that transfers force from expanding gas in the liner to the crankshaft
A shaft used to connect components which cannot be connected directly due
to the distance in between the components
A device used to manage or maintain a characteristic at a designated range of
value of electrical voltage

An electrically operated switch used to control a circuit
A process which involves disassembly of cores into its sub-components, checking and cleaning of sub-components, repairing or replacing of defective components, reassembling of parts and components, readjustment if necessary, and fmal testing. The components used for replacement may be new or rebuilt
A type of lamp which is used as a vehicle’s headlamp
A mechanical device in a motor vehicle which is used to smooth out shock impulse
A coil-shaped switches and valves activator that converts electrical energy to
mechanical energy via a magnetic field to exert a force
A device that initiates the first rotation of the internal combustion engine

An assembly in alternator that makes the magnetic field for armature to rotate
for electricity generation
A pump that propels the steering fluid out of it into the steering pump system
to lubricate and reduce heat of the steering system



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