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Scicom Group or Group Scicom Shares or Shares SGn sse Scicom Group or Group Scicom Shares or Shares SGn sse SSPA Subdivision of shares Underwriters Underwriting Agreement USA usn UK Tes:hnkfll Definition Agent Analogue Application ACD Bandwidth Scicom and its subsidiaries Ordinary shares ofRMO.lO each in Scicom Singapore Dollar Service StraIegies Corporation Service & Suppon Professionals Association Subdivision of the par value of the existing ordinary shares in Scicom from RM 1.00 to RMO.l 0 each, whicb was completed on 3 September 2004 The underwriters named in Corporate Directory ofthis Prospectus Underwriting agreement dated 24 August 2005 entered into between the Company, Kenanga and AA Anthony for the underwriting of 3,000,000 Issue Shares to be offered pursuant to the Public Issue United States ofAmerica USA DoUar Uniled Kingdom A call centre staff member who handJes outgoing or incoming calls. There are many other names that a call centre agent may be known as, such as CSR (Customer Service Representative), CRE (Customer Relationship Executive), CSP (Customer Service Professional), TSP (Teclmical Support Professional) or CAE (Customer Administrative Executive). A type of voice transmission where the telephone system transmits an electrical current which is analogue to the human voice, i.e. !he louder the voice, the stronger the currenL Still used in many telephone systems and most homes, although the trend is now moving towards digital systems. Software that carries out a specific task, such as word processing or spreadsheets. Automatic call distributor/distribution, a system for handling calls that automatically offers tbe next call to the Agent waiting for the longest period. However, these systems can now be vel)’ sophisticated and can be configured with a variety ofparamelers in order to give priorities to different callers and route certain types of calls to specific groups or individuals. ACDs also provide a wealth ofrepol’ls. The speed of transmission. When a system lacks bandwidth, it is a way of saying the lransmission is not fast enough for it to accomplish its tasks speedily. v Bit  In the digital universe, numbers are represented as a series of zeros and ones and these are referred to as bits. The smallest unit of data that a computer can handle.  BPO  Business process outsourcing, the outsourcing or contracting of an organization’s nOil-wre processes to a third party service provider. These non-core processes might include finance, accounting, human resource, IT, customer service, or any other function that falls outside the scope ofthe organization’s core activity.  cn  Computer telephony integration, where the computer and telephone interact with each other, enabling a command to be given to the ACD through a computer.  ERP  Enterprise resource planning  Ethernet  A local area network protocol for connecting computers, printers, servers etc in a single building or campus.  Inbound  Inbound calls are the calls received by the call centre on behalf of a client. They consist of help desk calls, direct marketing calls, emergency response calls, answering service calls, and any number of other types of calls where the caller dials a number that connects to the call centre.  IPLC  International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) are the basic building blocks for international communications, providing raw bandwidth for global communications networks. These private line services are dedicated to the customer’s exclusive use providing qualjty reliable digital transmission seamlessly integrating data, voice and imaging services. A wide variety of applications are supported by IPLC including internet access, LAN-ta-LAN connectivity, telemedicine, video and teleconferencing.  IVR  Interactive voice response, where an inbound call is answered by a recording that requests the customer to press bunoos on the keypad, or speak, in response to a menu of options. The choices selected may instruct the system to search host systems for specific information that is then converted into the spoken word, for example, a bank balance.  lntranet  A network of networks that uses the Internet but is contained within a controlled environment, for example, internal company information that is viewed only by its employees.  LAN  Local area network, a network that connects all computers, printers, file servers and other devices within a building or campus.  Megabits, a million bits per second.  MIS  Management information system, reports from the ACD and other systems showing data on Agent and Agent groups, inbound and outbound calls, and exchange lines.  v,
MiddJeware Monitoring Outbound PABX PSTN SciCRMS Server Service Level Skills-based Routing SMS mFN An extra layer of software that sits between the switch and application programmes. This enables the user to bolt-on software programme modules to dumb switches giving them the intelligence to automatically distribute calls, etc. These modules offer all levels of functionality from automatic call disDibution to computer telephony integration, to interactive voice response and workforce scheduling. This is a particularly useful way to ensure the quality of calls handled by call centre Agents. Constant evaluation of how a client’s account is handled greatly reduces the chance of mishandled situations. [n fact, for DR or Direct Response clients, it more often results in higher conversions of infonnation only to specific desired cat! types. Call centre services are generally broken 00″”1\ into two basic categories-outbound and inbound. Outbound calls are the caUs made by call centre AgeRison behalf oftileclient. Private automatic branch exchange. Private automatic switching system which services an organisation and is usually located on the customer premises. Public Switched Telephone Network -the public telephone network. Portion ofthe total network that provides the capability for inter~connecting homes or offices. Scicom’s intematly developed CRM front eod application for Agents. Large computer system typically housing CRM, ERP and other softwan: applications as may be to run an organisation’s business. Levels of performance by which BPO and contact centre providers are measured. These include average speed answer, abandoned call rate, customer satisfaction scores and average bandle time. Where calls are identified and then routed through to the most appropriate Agent, for example calls from Thailand would be routed [0 a Thai-speaking Agent. Short message service,. short text messages that can be sent to a mobile phone Universal international freephone number. A worldwide toll free “800 number” issued by the International Telecommunications Union (“TW’). Like tbe 800 area code issued for the North American Numbering Plan in the US and Canada, the call is free for the caller, and the receiver pays the charges. UIFN uses lTV country code 800, so that no matter where the caller is, only the international access code (LAC) and the 8-digit UIFN need to be dialed. Currently, about 30 countries participate in the UlFN programme. vn VolP Voice over internet protocol, the process by wbich a voice conversation with an Agent is maintained over telephone lines or dedicated lines using Internet protocols. Voice Recognition Technology that converts speech into data that can be understood by the computer system. WOrds importing the singular shall. where applicable, include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall, where applicable, include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. Any reference to a time of a day in this Prospectus shall be a reference to Malaysian time, unless otherwise stated. THE REST OF THIS PAGE HAS BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK V111

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