Technical Terms

I Company No.: 1116225-;\ I
Roquette Group
R&D SC SC Equity Guidelines
Share(s) SICDA
SME Sq. ft. Subsidiaries
TSP Underwriting Agreement
USA USD Vet Food AgI’O Diagnostics Vet Food Agro Diagnostics
Technical References Anthelmintic Antifungal(s)
CGM Coccidiosis
DNA Roquette group of companies comprIsmg amongst others, Roquette Singapore Pte Ltd, Roquette Freres and Roquette Riddhi Siddhi Private Limited
Research and development Securities Commission Malaysia Equity Guidelines issued by the SC, as amended from time to time and
shall include any re-enactment thereof Ordinary share(s) ofRMO.50 each in Rhone Ma Holdings Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act 1991, as amended from
time to time and shall include any re-enactment thereof Small and medium sized enterprises Square feet Rhone Ma Malaysia, Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients, Link Ingredients and
Vet Food AgI’O Diagnostics, collectively Total Solution Provider Underwriting agreement dated 11 October 2016 entered into between
Rhone Ma Holdings and the Sole Underwriter United States of America United States Dollar Vet Food AgI’O Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd (560721-X) Ordinary shares of RMI .00 each in Vet Food AgI’O Diagnostics
A type of drug that is used to treat infections by parasitic worms
A type of animal health product that is used in the treatment of fungal infection A type of animal health product that is used in the treatment and prevention
of bacterial infection
Corn gluten meal
A parasitic disease of the intestinal tract of animals caused by coccidial
Classical Swine Fever Virus, a virus that causes contagious swine disease which results in mortality Deoxyribonucleic acid
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I Company No.: 1116225-;\ I
Hypodermic syringe(s)
Microbials Microbiology
Mold inhibitor Molecular biology
Morphology Multiplex PCR Mycotoxin
PCR Premix
QMS RNA Serology
A pro-nutrient to improve digestion of nutrient, leading to better nutrient utilisation
Good Manufacturing Practice. Compliance to GMP is a pre-requisite for the application of a manufacturing licence and product registration of our pharmaceuticals. GMP certificate is issued by NPRA as an endorsement that the local manufacturer complies with the current GMP requirements for the purpose of exportation of locally manufactured registered products
A hollow needle commonly used with a syringe for injection and extraction of fluids
Infectious Bronchitis Virus, a virus that causes contagious disease which infects chickens
Microorganisms or minute life forms
The study of microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoal parasites, viruses and fungi
A mixture that is used to prevent mold from growing in the animal feed
The study of biology on a molecular level including the structure, function and makeup of biologically important molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins
A branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms and with relationships between their structures
A molecular biology technique for amplification of multiple genes simultaneously
A secondary metabolite produced by fungus (including mushrooms, moulds and yeasts) that are capable of causing diseases and death in humans and animals
Newcastle Disease Virus, a virus that causes contagious disease which affects the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems of domestic and wild avian species
Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
A part of a reading frame in a DNA sequence that has the potential to code for a protein or peptide
Polymerase chain reaction
A product consist of ready-mixed elements or materials
A type of live beneficial microorganisms that are usually administered to promote growth and enhance the performance of poultry and livestock animals
Quality Management System
Ribonucleic acid
The science that deals with the properties and reactions of serum
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