Technical Terms

Commercial Vehicle(s)

Express bus

Fare-box revenue collection model
Gross-cost service delivery model
Investment Account Platform
ISBSF Northern region One man operator system Out-of-home advertising
PA system Project Facilitation Fee
PSV SBST Programme Stage bus
USD Completely Knocked Down
Consist of stage buses and express buses for public transportation purposes
A bus plying along the route approved by SPAD, with a timetable and fare table, for the carriage of passengers at separate fares on a service which contains no fare stages of less than 32 km
Under this model, passengers of bus transportation services deposit fares for their travel in a fare-box, whereby these fares will collectively form the revenue of the particular bus operator
Global positioning system
Under this model, passengers of bus transportation services deposit fares for their travel in a fare-box. Fares collected in the fare-box are then handed over to SPAD, and the operator of the public bus transportation service is paid an amount for services rendered by the governing authori!’j through a pre-defined compensation mechanism, namely the cost per vehicle-km run. The cost per vehicle-km run indicates the cost of transit service per unit of its offered or utilised service
A platform to facilitate channelling funds from investors to finance viable ventures and projects. Investment Account Platform is backed by Islamic banking institutions via the offering of Investment Account (IA) to the investors. Through this platform, Islamic banking institutions will facilitate matching of investments with the identified ventures or projects that are in need of funding.
Interim Stage Bus Support Fund
Encompassing the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak and Perlis
The operation of a bus by the driver alone without a conductor
Advertising content transmitted to viewers outside of their homes, both at indoor and outdoor public areas
Public address system
Fee received from our customer to make use of equipment, utilities and facilities at Terminal AmanJaya, to participate in meetings and discussion in facilitating our customer with planning and development of other prospective integrated public transportation terminal
Public service vehicle
Stage Bus Service Transformation Programme
A bus plying along a route approved by SPAD for the carriage of passengers on a service which contains fare stages, with a separate fare, timetable and schedule offares for each fare stage
United States of America Dollar


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