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FMVSS Three-dimensional, an image that provides the perception of length Acceptable Quality Level refers to a statistical measurement of the maximum number of defective goods considered acceptable in a particular batch or sample size. It defines the maximum tolerable deviation from quality standards under the ISO 2859-1 standard that is commonly used for product or raw material inspection Automotive Industry Action Group, this refers to a global not-for­profit association of companies involved in the automotive industry which work collaboratively to streamline industry processes. It is comprised of retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, academia and the government Blanket Order refers to a purchase order issued by the client to its supplier to purchase undetermined quantity of goods in multiple deliveries over a period of time Bureau Veritas (M) Sdn Bhd, a company of the Bureau Veritas Group which was established since 1828 and based in Paris, is a leading global service-provider in testing, inspection and certification in the area of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibilities management systems. With around 400,000 clients globally, Bureau Veritas offers innovative solutions and helps clients to reduce risk, improve performance as well as to meet the growing challenges of quality and sustainable development Computer Numerical Control refers to a technology which a computer converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design softwares (CAD), into numbers. The numbers can be considered to be the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutter. In this way the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, this refers to the government agency responsible for patent works and coordination of foreign related affairs in the field of intellectual property in China Environmental Management System, this refers to a set of processes and practices that enables an organisation to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency Fixed-based Operator, this refers to a commercial business granted the right by a particular airport to provide aeronautical services such as fuelling, hangering, parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction as well as other ancillary services to airlines and private aircraft owners Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, this refers to USA’s federal regulations specifying the minimum design, construction, performance and durability requirements for motor vehicles and regulated safety-related components, systems and design features. It is among the leading international standards which manufacturers of motor vehicle and equipment seek to conform and certify compliance xi JIT MRO MS OE Fit OE Leather Car Seat Cover OEM In-Process Quality Control, this refers to a new paradigm in quality-control that involves rapid and simple inspection, as product quality feedback, on each manufacturing equipment, processes and operators when the manufacturing of the product batch is in process. It enforces the flow of established manufacturing and packaging procedures to minimise human error Just-in-time refers to an inventory strategy deployed to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs Maintenance, repair and overhaul, this refers to a set of processes or activities involved in the maintaining, repairing or overhauling of mechanical and electrical devices or equipment. Maintenance involves periodic inspection and replacement of non-functioning components of a mechanism to prevent future potential malfunctions. Repair involves replacement or restoration of malfunctioned components of a mechanism. Overhaul is a process of disassembling a mechanism to thoroughly identify all faulty or non-performing components that are required to be replaced or repaired, which is subsequently reassembled to restore full performance. In the aviation industry, I\/IRO typically relates to the maintenance services of aircrafts Management System, this refers to a framework of processes and procedures used by the practicing organisation to manage and continuously improve their operating efficiency to achieve their objectives Our leather car seat covers are designed in many varying forms, shapes and sizes depending on car models, specifications and methods of installation as follows:­(a) We supply and install the leather car seat covers onto the new car seats manufactured by Tier 1 car seat manufacturers. The Tier 1 car seat manufacturers will supply the completely assembled car seats fitted with our leather seat covers to car manufacturers or assemblers for final installation onto the cars for the OEM market segment; or
(b) The car seats are dismantled for the purposes of removing or stripping off the pre-installed fabric car seat covers. Our OE Fit leather seat covers are subsequently installed onto the bare car seats. The car seats installed with our OE Fit leather seat covers will then be reinstalled onto the cars. This OE Fit product caters to the end users in the REM market segment

A car seat cover category whereby car manufacturer clients provide the specification, such as the design, seat profile and combination of materials configuration (leather, PVC and carpet) Original Equipment Manufacturer, in the automotive sector, this refers to the company that typically design the final product and develop its distribution networks xii POI Production Part Approval PSW Pull Belt System QMS Quick Fit REM Smart Fit SPC Patent Cooperation Treaty, this refers to an international agreement for an unified procedure in filing patent applications in over 140 countries, which allows the inventor to seek protection globally by a single application Pre-Delivery Inspection, this refers to the final process in automotive manufacturing, which prepares the vehicle before delivery to end-customers An industry guideline that details the specific reports and documentation necessary to gain part approval in the automotive industry. It is governed by a manual published by the Automotive Industry Action Group Part Submission Warrant, in the automotive industry, this refers to a document that summarises the entire Production Part Approval Process of a tender, including, amongst others, the part name, supplier’s contact information, customer’s contact information and material report A car seat cover installation technique that utilises elastic loops and hooks attached on the back of the car seat cover to be strapped onto the base of the car seat to enable firm attachment Quality Management System, this refers to a set of policies and procedures that enable an organisation to identify, measure, control and improve core processes to consistently meet clients’ specification and expectation Our patented one (1) piece PVC car seat covers designed to fit onto the back of the seat and seat cushion. It is designed to be fitted onto a car seat without having to dismantle the car seat and to remove the original fabric car seat covers. Our Quick Fit product caters for the REM market segment Replacement Equipment Manufacturer, in the automotive sector, this refers to manufacturers that produce replacement parts and components that extend or enhance the use of eXisting vehicles. It is naturally comprised of suppliers for OEM as they have matching specifications Our patented leather car seat covers separated into two (2) pieces comprising covers for the back of the seat and seat cushion. It is designed to be fitted onto a car seat without having to dismantle the car seat from the car and to remove the original fabric car seat covers. Our Smart Fit product also encompasses car door trims. Presently, our Smart Fit product caters for the POI market segment. We plan to supply our Smart Fit product to the REM market segment when open our own retail outlets Statistical Process Control, this refers to a method to monitor and control quality during the manufacturing process on a real time basis to ensure maximum production of conforming product and reduce the waste to a minimum level. SPC can be applied to any process where the output of conforming products can be measured. Key tools used in SPC includes control charts xiii Tier 1 Car Seat Manufacturers TUV NORD VAVE VDA and VDA 6.3 Velcro Installation In-house Automotive Interior Design and Styling Department of PLeather In the automotive supply chain, the Tier-1 manufacturers are the direct suppliers of finished components and parts to the OEM for installation in the OEM vehicle assembly line. In regards to automotive car seats, the Tier-1 manufacturers essentially produce the finished seats by means of assembly of various seat components comprising seat frames, automotive seat systems and leather/ PVC/ fabric upholstery depending on the seat cover specification by the car manufacturer TUV NORD CERT GmbH, a company of the TOV NORD Group, is a service-provider for comprehensive testing and certification on the basis of national and international specifications and standards for products, services and management systems. The company employs over 10,000 employees and operating in over 70 countries, and is renowned for its broad range of services with over 700 national and international accreditations, as well as voluntary testing standards in personnel, product and system certification Value Analysis/ Value Engineering is a problem solving activity that focuses on improving the value of the functions that are required to accomplish the goal or objective of any product, process, service or organisation. Its goal is the systematic application of recognised techniques that identify the functions of the product or service, establish the worth of those functions and provide only the necessary functions to meet the required performance at the lowest overall cost. VAVE eliminates or minimises wasted material, time and product cost to improve value to the customer. Part of the VAVE exercise implemented by our Group is to propose the swapping of leather and PVC configuration at selected sections of the leather car seat covers which have minimum contact with the end user in order to meet the lower target cost requirement of customer and at the same time does not compromise the overall quality of the product supplied The German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V.). The VDA 6.3 defines a process based audit standard in accordance with the VDA Manual 6 part 3 for evaluating and improving controls in a manufacturing organisation’s new product introduction and manufacturing processes. The standard reflects customer specific requirements in the automotive industry. The compliance to VDA 6.3 standard is a pre-requisite qualifying condition and allows a company to become a potential approved vendor to German based car manufacturers and to maintain a high quality standard within the organisation A brand of fastening tape consisting opposing pieces of fabric, one with a dense arrangement of tiny nylon hooks and the other with a dense nylon pile, that interlock when pressed together xiv

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