Technical Terms

CNC Die Sets
Industrial Automation Syslems and Machinery
The participating financial institution{s) for the Electronic Shure Application as listed in Section 15.5.2 of this Prospectus Profit after taxation
Profil before taxation Issue Shares allocated to Directors and eligible employees of the MMSV Group and persons who have comributed to the success of the Group
RHB Sakura
Public issue of 36,607,860 Issue Shares at llll issue price of RMO.27 per Issue Share to be: allocated in the manner as sci out in Section 2.5 of this ProspectuS Research anti development RHB Sakura Merchant Bankers Berhad Ringgit Malaysia and sen respectively Securities Commission Transfer of 20 MMSV Shares held by Khew Sin Mei and Lim Phaik Lan to
Saw Chong Keat for a ca:-h consideration of RM2.00 United States of America US Dollar UruvcrSltl Scientific Industrial Co. Ltd Independent market research repon issued by Vital Facior Consulting Sdn Bhd
dated 26 November 2004 and subsequently updated on 15 November 2005
Two or three dimensional
Coordinate Measuring Machine, II quality control equipment to measure a pan or component’s dimensiOIlS
Computer Numerical Control
Precision tools and dies to perform cutting, bending, trimming and forming mainly for metal pArts
(ntegrated Circuits
A SCI of machinery and equipment lhat are integrated to perform 8 series of mnnufacturing tasks automatically. The automated system utilises computer softWAre to control and coordinate all the different pans, mechanisms, movements and timing of actions. Part of the automation sy:-tem may incorporate robotics, Vision system, sensors and conveyor transport systems to provide detection and varied movements

CUlllpany No. M7125ยท P
Jigs and Fixtures Devices to hold and position a work piece as it guides, conlrols or limits a clltting tool
LED Light Emitting Diode
OLEO Organic Light Emitting Diod~
PC Personal Computer
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
Vision system An automated system incorporating a camera <lnd sophisticated software for visual detection, such as markings. defects, colour recognition, measurement and co-planarity, that provides feedback to the automation system to activate an action

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