Technical Terms

II Company No. 1067697-K II II Company No. 1067697-K II GLOSSARY OF TECHNICAL TERMS The following terms in this Prospectus bear the same meanings as set out below unless the term is defined otherwise or the context requires otherwise:­API or “Application Programming Interface” AraaS or “Archive-as-a­service” BaaS or “Backup-as-a­service”
Byte DPaaS or “Data Protection-as-a-service” FABRiK framework
GB or “Gigabyte” GUI or “Graphical User Interface” Health Checks ILP or “Installation Layout Plan” Set of functions, routines and protocols which are used to build software applications. It specifies how software components should interact during programming of GUI components Service model in which an EDM managed services provider provides data archival services to end-users on a Subscription Model Service model in which an EDM managed services provider provides backup, storage, recovery and restoration services to end-users on a Subscription Model One unit of digital information in computing. Most commonly consists of eight bits of 1’s and O’s and used to encode a single character of text in a computer. It is the smallest addressable unit of memory in most computer architectures BaaS service model which underwent further modifications and upgrades The FABRiK framework is a structured technical blueprint developed by our Group. It comprises the following components:­• An EDM solution architecture based on the standard component layers of a “service-oriented-architecture”, covering 4 layers ie. “data management, business applications, workflow/processes, business services”;
• EDM functional modules to suit common solution proposition required for various EDM environments; and
• A set of protocols, procedures and processes in reviewing and understanding the EDM requirements of a user site.

The components of the FABRiK framework are used as a guide on how the delivery of EDM services should be performed efficiently. This framework is used in our project assessment, EDM solution design and EDM solutioning process in order to ensure we are able to provide a consistent, uniform and interoperable solution and approach to meet our service levels and propositions One GB is equivalent to 109 Bytes User interface which allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators Periodic proactive system checks performed using analytical tools to gather information on system parameters, system warnings, event occurrences, and diagnostic errors from our solution platform within the customers’ IT environment. This report aids the customer to take pro­active decisions to manage potential unscheduled system downtimes or failures. Health checks are relevant for our value-added solutions and professional services and EDM managed services Document which details the installation layout of EDM solutions and its supporting devices xii II Company No. 1067697-K ~ GLOSSARY OF TECHNICAL TERMS (Cont’d) POD or “Periphery On-site Device” PB or “Petabytes” SOA or “Scalable Service Oriented Architecture” StaaS or “Storage-as-a­service” Subscription Model TB or “Terabytes” TCP/IP or “Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol” XML or “Extensible Markup Language” ZB or “Zettabytes” Our Group’s proprietary EDM equipment. It is a special purpose, closed-box appliance, and is the main component in the provisioning of our Group’s on-site data backup and storage One PB is equivalent to 1015 Bytes Underlying structure which supports communication between two or more software applications. It defines how two applications or programmes should interact in order to enable one programme and application to perform work on behalf of another programme or application. The interaction between these programmes or applications are made possible through SOA Service model in which an EDM managed services provider provides digital storage to end-users on a Subscription Model Business model where end-users or customers pay recurrent fees on a subscription basis for the continuous delivery of a service One TB is equivalent to 1012 Bytes Set of protocols which enables users to access the Internet. It enables two devices/hosts to establish a connection and exchange data Programming language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both readable by human and electronic devices. It allows for common information formats to be created and shared on the internet One ZB is equivalent to 1021 Bytes L–~ -….J~ THE REST OF THIS PAGE HAS BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK xiii

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