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Company Number: 501386-P Company Number: 501386-P DEFINITIONS (Cont’d) Technical Definitions Abatement System Base Build Central Chemical Store Chemical Distribution Boxes Chemical Purification Chillers Diffusion Deionised Water Etching FPD FPD Fabrication Foundry Gas Bunkers Gas Cabinet Gas Generator Gas Panel Gas Purifiers HookUp
An equipment used to treat hazardous gases and transform them into environmental friendly substances prior to disposal The initial design and installation of the UHP gas I chemical delivery system wh ich serves as the back bone ofthe UHP gas I chemical delivery system A centralized chemical storage area inside a factory for better control and handling ofthese hazardous chemicals An equipment used to distribute and regulate chemical flow and pressure from the Central Chemical Stores A filtration and purifier process used to remove impurities and/or contaminants in the chemicals to achieve UHP specifications An equipment used to cool down the gases to be used for various purposes Diffusion is the net action of matter (particles or molecules), heat, momentum, or light whose end is to minimize a concentration gradient. Water that has had its mineral ions removed, achieved via a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins which bind to and filter out the mineral salts from water. A process used in microfabrication to chemically remove layers from the surface of a Wafer during manufacturing. Etching is a critically important process module, and every Wafer undergoes many etching steps before it is complete. Flat panel display, being a type of video display which is flat and thin such as TFT-LCD and PDP Refers to the glass and polymer substrate manufacturing which converts the raw materials to glass and ploymer panels that can be assembled into FPDs Refers to a factory where devices like IC, Semiconductors and microelectronics are manufactured A fenced storage area of high pressured gases, generally stored in trailers and cylinders The cabinet I box which houses and supplies the specialty gases used in the Wafer Fabrication plant The plant which produces the Nitrogen gas to be supplied to the Wafer Fabrication plant A central panel containing controls and indicators that manages the Valve Manifold A filtration and purifier equipment used to remove impurities and/or contaminants in the gases to achieve UHP specification The installation of equipment and tools according to the design specification performed. Hook up can also mean the upgrading of capacity of a UHP gas I chemical delivery system xii Company Number: 501386-P DEFINITIONS (Cont’d) IC or Integrated Circuit LCD LED mm nm Orbital Welding PDP Photolithography Ppb Ppm Ppt Pyrophoric OEM OLED QA QC SCADA Semiconductor Slurry An Integrated Circuit is basically a Semiconductor Wafer on which millions of tiny resistors, transistors and capacitors are fabricated which functions as a microprocessor, memory chip or amplifier Liquid crystal display Light emitting diode, being a Semiconductor device that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction Millimeter, a unit oflength equal to 10-3 meter (a thousandth of a meter) Nanometer, a unit of length equal to 10-9 meter (a thousand-millionth of a meter) A state-of-the-art welding technology used in high technology industries such as Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, nuclear power plants etc. to produce high quality and consistent welds which are critical for UHP delivery systems Known as plasma display panel, it is a type of FPD commonly used in large television displays. Its display panel is made up of many tiny cells located between two panels of glass which hold an inert mixture of noble gases (Le. Neon and Xeon). The gases in the cells are electrically turned into plasma which then excites phosphors to emit light A process used in Wafer Fabrication to transfer a pattern from a photomask (also called reticle) to the surface of a substrate. Often crystalline silicon in the form ofa Wafer is used as a choice ofsubstrate, although there are several other options including, but not limited to, glass, sapphire, and metal Parts per billion is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. Just as per cent means out of a hundred, so ppb means out of a billion Parts per million is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. Just as per cent means out of a hundred, so ppm means out of a million Parts per trillion is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. Just as per cent means out of a hundred, ppt means out ofa trillion A substance that ignites spontaneously, that is, its autoignition temperature is below room temperature Original equipment manufacturer Organic light emitting diode, being a special type of LED in which the emmissive layer comprises a thin-film of certain organic compounds Quality assurance Quality control Supervisory control and data acquisition Semiconductors are materials which are neither a good conductor of electricity nor a good insulator and it is the basic raw material that an IC is made of Water or a liquid containing a high concentration of suspended solids xiii Company Number: 501386-P DEFINITIONS (Cont’d) TFT-LCD It is a variant of LCD which uses Thin-Film Transistor technology to improve their image quality. TFT-LCDs are one type of active matrix LCD which are used in both FPDs and projectors UHP Ultra-high purity, being the purity and contamination level that is required for Wafer Fabrication and FPD fabrication to have consistent and high quality yields. A UHP system typically involves contamination levels of less than one (I) ppb (or 1/109) offoreign materials UHP Utilities UHP utilities generally refer to the main utilities required by Wafer Fabrication plants or TFT-LCD plants and they are usually comprised of gases, chemicals, water and vacuum / exhaust system Valve Manifold A valve station which consists of many valve configuration to achieve the purpose of distributing and regulating gas flow and pressure Valve manifold box or An equipment which comprises of an enclosed Valve Manifold used for the VMB distribution and regulation of pressure for hazardous specialty gases Valve manifold panel or An equipment which sets out the Valve Manifold used for the distribution and VMP regulation ofpressure for inert and non-hazardous gases Wafer In microelectronics, a wafer is a thin slice of semiconducting material, such as a silicon crystal, upon which microcircuits are constructed on. Wafers are thus of key importance in the fabrication of Semiconductor devices such as ICs. Wafers are made in various sizes ranging from I inch (25.4 mm) to 11.8 inches (300 mm), and thicknesses of the order of 0.5 mm. Generally, they are cut from a boule of Semiconductor using a diamond blade or diamond wire, then polished on one or both faces. Wafer Fabrication The procedure which comprises of many repeated sequential processes such as Photolithography, Diffusion, Etching, ion implantation etc to produce complete electrical or photonic circuits. During the processes, various types of gases and chemicals are used to produce the required circuit lines. The finished products can be used for radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, LEOs, optical computer components, and central processing units (CPUs) for computers. In this Prospectus, reference to time relates to Malaysian time, unless otherwise specified. In this Prospectus, words importing the singular shall, where applicable, include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall, where applicable, include feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. Reference to persons shall, where applicable, include corporations. Any reference in this Prospectus to any enactment is a reference to that enactment as for the time being amended or re-enacted. Unless otherwise stated, the following foreign exchange rates as at the Latest Practicable Date are utilized throughout this Prospectus:­• USDI.OO : RM3.4800
• NTD1.00: RMO.IOn
• RMB1.00: RMO.5897
• SGDI.OO : RM2.4596


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