Board of
DIrectors anD chIef executIve offIcer
Eg Kah YEE
Eg kah yee, a Malaysian, aged 55, was appointed to the Board of Directors of Key ASIC Berhad (“Key ASIC” or “Company”) as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman on 15 June 2006. He was redesignated as the Chief Executive Officer on 30 October 2014. He graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science degree from West Virginia University, USA in 1983. He started his career as a research and development (“R&D”) Engineer with Phoenix Data Systems Inc., Santa Clara, California, USA, before joining Daisy Systems Corporation (“Daisy”), a company listed on the NASDAQ Market and a pioneer in computer aided engineering in electronic designs, as R&D Project Manager.
While he was in Daisy, he assumed various positions such as Regional Technical Director, Country Manager (Taiwan) and Director of North Asia Region. In 1990, he joined Synopsys Inc., a company listed on the NASDAQ Market, which pioneered the high level design for Application Specific Integrated Circuit and Very-large-scale Integration, as Regional Manager for South Asia Pacific Operations and was subsequently promoted as General Manager for Asia Pacific Operations in 1992. He left Synopsys Inc. in 1996 and founded Palette Multimedia Berhad in 1997 and has been the Chairman/Managing Director since then. Currently, he is the Chairman of Malaysia Integrated Circuit Design Association and he also sits on the board of directors of various private limited companies. He is the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of Key ASIC.

BEnnY T. hu @ Ting Wu hu
Benny t. hu @ ting Wu hu, Taiwanese, aged 67, was appointed to the Board of Key ASIC as Independent Non-Executive Director on 14 October 2009. He graduated in Master in Business Administration degree from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and started his career as a Manager in Bankers Trust Company. He has more than 35 years of experience in finance and investment industry. He was the President and later Chairman of China Development Industrial Bank, the largest venture capital and investment firm in Taiwan with an investment portfolio over USD3 billion, from 1993 to 2004. The investment portfolio consists of over 500 investee companies, in which 80% of them are IT related companies. He has been actively involved in the semiconductor industry and was a former Vice Chairman and founder of World Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation from 1996 to 2001. He has been a member of Rand Corporation Asia Pacific board and a board member of Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research since 2000. Currently, he is the Chairman of National Taiwan University Incubation and Innovation Company, which the main objective is to provide financial and operational assistance to Taiwan’s ever-growing IT-related young companies. In addition, he also chairs multiple integrated circuit or semiconductor related companies or focused venture funds. He is the Chairman of the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee.

n. ChanThiran a/l nagappan
n. chanthiran a/l nagappan, a Malaysian, aged 51, was appointed to the Board of Directors of Key ASIC as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 14 December 2007. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) degree from University of Malaya in 1988. He is also a Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Risk Professional and Certified Financial Planner. He started his career as tax executive in Coopers & Lybrand in 1988. In 1994, he joined Arab Merchant Bank Berhad as Assistant Manager. In 1995, he worked as Corporate Finance Manager with Sadec Group. He started his Audit practice in 2001. He has more than 17 years of corporate finance experience in the areas of listing, financial and corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisition. Currently, he is a partner of Chanthiran & Co. and CH & Associates. He also sits on the Board of AWC Berhad as the Independent Non-Executive Director. He is the Chairman of the Option Committee and a member of the Audit Committee of Key ASIC.
Board of
Directors and chief executive officer (cont’d)


ChEn, Chia –Yin
chen, chia –yin, a Taiwanese, aged 41, was appointed to the Board of Directors of Key ASIC as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 24 June 2014. Her first career is with China Development Industrial Bank (“CDIB”) as a Manager in Overseas Investment department mostly responsible for investment activities in the fields of banking and finance related acquisition projects in Southeast Asia, IT and Semiconductor venture investments in Japan and Silicon Valley, distressed asset joint venture investment project in New York and managing portfolio investment worth US$100 million. In year 2005, she joined Etron Technology Inc. as Senior Investment Manager in CEO office. At Etron, she managed portfolio investments and specialized in M&A, incubating startups and spinoffs, also sitting on the boards of the investee companies as managing directors until Mar 2012. Since then she has been pursuing her investment profession with Strait Capital Investment Group, responsible for overseas M&A, focusing on Semiconductor, pharmaceutical and medical service fields. She is a member of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nominating Committee of Key ASIC.
Other than Mr Eg Kah Yee, a major shareholder of Key ASIC through Key ASIC Limited, none of the Directors have any family relationship with any other Directors and/or major shareholders.
None of the Directors has any conflict of interest with the Company and none of the Directors have any convictions for offences other than traffic offences, if any, in the past 10 years.



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