Technical Terms

ICompany No. 453392-T I
Cross-Industry Applications (previously ERM applications)
CRM Applications
Cross-induslly applications are applications that automate and optimise business processes related to resources required to meet business objectives but with no special coding or other features for a particular induslly_ The resources automated could include people, capital. materials, intellectua.l capital, and faciljties. and the resulting applications track. route, analyse. and report on information about these resources. The relevant ftmclional application segments include:
Accounting Applications
· Hwnan Resource Management and Payroll Applications · Inventory Management Applications · Procurement/Sales-Order Processing Applications
Maintenance Management Applications:
· Project Management Applications · Business Performance Management Applications · Other Enterprise Applications
Customer-relationship management (CRM) applications automate the cross-enlerprise, customer-facing non-industry·specific business processes within an organisation: sales, marketing. aDd customer support and contact centers. Collectively. these applications serve TO manage the entire lifecycle of a customer -including the conversion of 1.1 potential customer into an ex.isting customer -and help an organisation build and maintain successful relationships. The CRM applications classified as collaborative provide functionality to enable two or more individuals to share content to achieve a common goal. The CRM applicalion segments include: · Sales Applications · Marketing Applications · Customer Service and Conlact Center Software
Digital Nervous System
Disc Operating System
Enterprise Resource Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
SlIUCfUred Query Language

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