Technical Terms

Ares Green : Ares Green Technology Corporation, Taiwan
ATM : Automated Teller Machine
Chinyee : Chinyee Engineering & Machinery Pte Ltd (197902415-D)
CNC : Computer Numerical Control
FAE : Frontken-AMT Engineering Sdn Bhd (615195-H)
FCB or Company : Frontken Corporation Berhad (651020-T)
FCB Group or Group : FCB, its subsidiaries and associated company, collectively
FCB Share(s) or Share(s) : Ordinary share(s) of 10 sen each in FCB
FH : Frontken Holdings Pte Ltd (199902793W)
FM : Frontken Malaysia Sdn Bhd (484763-V)
FP : Frontken Philippines, Inc (CS200341620)
FS : Frontken (Singapore) Pte Ltd (199606464C)
FT : Frontken (Thailand) Co., Ltd (17254600132)
HVOF : High Velocity Oxy-Fuel
Lam Research : Lam Research Corporation, USA
Lynck : Lynck Capital Associates Sdn Bhd (625153-V)
MRO : Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer
OTS : OT Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
PBSB : Privilege Bargain Sdn Bhd (627498-V)
QSSB : Quantum Spire Sdn Bhd (625752-V)
R&D : Research and development
Sq. m. : Square metre(s)
Surface metamorphosis : Surface metamorphosis is a process that modifies the surface properties of
materials, such as thermal conductivity, roughness, hardness, corrosion
resistance, wear resistance and other chemical and physical properties
Tocalo : Tocalo Co., Ltd, Japan

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