Technical Terms

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buffing calendering
carbon black
cold cure tyre retreading
curing cushion gums enveloping extrusion
hot cure tyre retreading
moulding orbitreads
PBR Process wherein an anti-tacking coating is applied to the surface of rubber compounds to keep them separated as hot rubber compounds have a tendency to stick together due to their tackiness
Shaving process to remove unwanted tread and/or sidewall rubber
Process wherein rubber compounds are cut into a roll form and passed through a series of rollers to flatten the rubber compounds into a rubber sheet with pre-determined thickness and width
Unvulcanised rubber strips added to the surface of the buffed tyre casings and are mainly used in hot cure tyre retreading. These strips take the pattern of the mould during the process of vulcanisation
Carbon black is produced from crude oil and natural gas, as well as coal (all are carbonaceous fuels). It is one of the most common fillers used to provide the physical strength and black colour in rubber compounds used in tyres
Process of applying adhesives to the new rubber tread and buffed tyre casing for bonding
Tyre retreading process whereby the pre-cured tread liner is applied with a layer of cushion gum on a buffed tyre casing. They are held together in a tyre press and are then autoclaved in a curing chamber, bonded and cured
Process of treating a rubber compound to convert it from a fluid state to a solid state desired in the commercial product
Strong adhesive strips used to bond pre-cured tread liners and camel backs to the prepared surface of the buffed tyre casings
Process wherein outer parts of a tyre casing are mounted with envelopes for curing process
Process wherein rubber compounds are fed into an extruder to undergo a pushing process through a screw and die under pressure to form extruded rubber i.e. camelbacks, orbitreads and repair ropes in our case
Tyre retreading process whereby an unvulcanised rubber strip is applied to a buffed tyre casing. The tyre is then placed into a pre-fabricated mould. The rubber in the tread area vulcanises and adheres to the tyre casing when the mould is heated
A form of raw rubber compound used in the manufacturing of other tyre retreading materials. It is an essential raw material which is further compounded with chemicals, such as sulphur, accelerators and/or other additives, to form the desired rubber compounds
Process wherein a blank rubber sheet is pressed in a mould in order to produce pre-cured tread liner with pre-designed tread liner pattern
Extruded rubber compounds used in hot cure tyre retreading for OTR tyres. Unlike tyres for other commercial vehicles, OTR tyres are larger and hence, require the use of orbitreads (instead of camelbacks) in the retreading process
Polybutadiene rubber, which is a type of synthetic rubber
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petrochemicals pre-cured tread liners repair ropes rimming rubber processing
oils rubber compounds I rubber compounding
SBR sidewall veneers skiving SMR trimming tubing
tyre retreaders tyre retreading tyre retreading
vulcanisation Industrially important organic chemicals which are derived from crude oil or natural gas
Pre-vulcanised rubber strips moulded with patterns and profiles. They are used in cold cure tyre retreading
Rubber compounds extruded in a rope form. Repair ropes are used in the process of repairing tyres
Process wherein inner parts of a tyre casing are mounted with envelopes for curing process
Rubber processing oils are used during the mixing of rubber compounds. They assist in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the rubber compounds during processing
A combination of raw materials blended to achieve qualities that are appropriate to the performance requirements of each type of tyres
Styrene butadiene rubber, which is a type of synthetic rubber
Rubber compounds used to repair the tyre sidewalls and are used in hot cure tyre retreading
Process of removing loose rubber and debris on the surface of a buffed tyre casing
Standard Malaysian Rubber, used to classify the different grades of natural rubber produced in Malaysia
Process of removing excess rubber from the newly moulded tread liners or retreaded tyres
Process wherein an inflatable tube is placed inside a tyre casing to inflate the body of the tyre to the proper pressure inside the mould for hot cure tyre retreading
lVIanufacturers who are principally involved in tyre retreading operations
Process of applying new treads to a used tyre casing
Our tyre retreading materials include masterbatch, pre-cured tread liners, camelbacks, cushion gums, repair ropes, sidewall veneers and orbitreads
The thermally initiated, irreversible process whereby polymer chains are cross-linked to form the final physical and chemical state of a rubber



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