Technical Terms

Company No. I050285-U
Bursting Disc / Explosion Protection Device
EPCC Contractors
Float / Steam Trap
Floating Roof & Seals System
Level Gauge and Cock
Main User Industries
Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment or MPTE
Measurement Instruments
OEM An actuator is a device that transforms a source of energy into a force to move or control a mechanism or system. The source of energy may include electric cun-ent, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure. Actuators are typically integrated into a control system together with Valves to become paIi of an automation system and used in industrial processes
A bursting disc is a non-reclosing pressure relief device that protects a pressure vessel, equipment or system from over pressurisation and other potentially damaging vacuum conditions
An explosion protection device is a safety device that protects and prevents an explosion in a plant by venting and other explosion suppression methods
Contractors involved in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning projects, either directly or by way of sub-contract.
A float trap is a device used to discharge condensate and non-condensable gasses
A steam trap is a self-contained Valve which automatically drains the condensate from a steam containing enclosure while remaining tight to live steam, or if necessary, allowing steam to flow at a controlled or adjusted rate. Most steam traps will also pass non-condensable gases while remaining tight to live steam
A floating roof & seals system prevents vapour loss and contamination of stored products from storage tanks. The systems generally consist of the following:
Aluminium Dome Cover
External Floating Roof
Internal Floating Roof
Roof Drain System
Floating Suction & Oil Skimmer
Loading Arm
Tank accessories
A gauge is used to make measurements of various parameters such as temperature and pressure
A level gauge and cock measures the level of medium inside a tank
Palm oil and oleochemicals (derived from oil palm), oil and gas and petrochemicals, and the treatment of water and sewerage industries
Mechanical elements to harness power transmission
Equipment and instruments that are used in variable measurement
Original equipment manufacturer
ix Company No. 1050285-U
Oil and gas and petrochemical(s) industry
Orifice Plate / Venturi Tubes
Palm oil and oleochemical(s) industry
Pressure Transmitter
Process control equipment orPCE
Sight Glass
Stainless Steel/Rubber Flexible Expansion Joint
Tank Ball Float
Tank Protection Venting Device
Valve(s) The oil and gas and petrochemicals industry revolves around the exploration, extraction and processing of fossil fuels, namely crude oil and natural gas
An orifice plate can be used as a simple pressure reducing device, or to limit the flow rate in a pipe line
The major advantage of venturi tubes over an orifice plate is in the area of pressure recovery
The palm oil and oleochemicals industry features a diverse range of value generating activities ranging from oil palm plantation and milling to various downstream palm oil refining and processing activities
A positioner is a device that is attached to an actuator in order to control and modulate the Valve’s opening and closing position
A pressure transmitter is used to monitor the amount of pressure applied to a part of a process that is required in order to achieve the desired result. It is also used to ensure that no machinery is building up pressure beyond the levels that are considered safe to operators
Equipment used to provide appropriate signal transformation and direct a process according to signals
Pump is a device that move fluids by mechanical action
A recorder is able to record and provide documentation of parameters that are being controlled or measured by Valves and other instruments
A sight glass is a tank accessory component which is used to observe the level of liquid in a tank
A stainless steel! rubber flexible expansion joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of various construction materials, to absorb vibration, or to allow movement due to machine vibration and pipe expansion
As opposed to stainless steel expansion joint, mhhp,r flp,xihlp, p,xp;msion joint is not heat resistant
A strainer enables liquid and alr filtration to occur, even at high-pressure conditions
A switch, as defined in electrical context, is a component used to break an electrical circuit, to inteITupt CUITent or divert current among conductors
A tank ball float regulates the admission or discharge of liquid to or fi-om a tank, and the float is placed on the surface of the liquid within the tank to maintain a nearly constant height of liquid
A tank protection venting device is designed for protecting storage vessels, tanks, and pipes. It also prevents flame transmission when an explosion occurs and increases venting capacity
A Valve regulates, directs and controls the flow of fluids, or controls the pressure, through a passageway. These fluids may include gas, liquid, fluidised solids or sluITy


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