Technical Terms

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“Ready-mixed concrete”
“Roof batten” or “batten” “Roof truss” or “trusses” \\Skimcoats”
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, a lightweight, precast concrete
building material that is an alternative to cement and clay bricks Asbestos Cement, a cement mixture that consist of asbestos fibres, cement and water
Square feet
Hard drawn wire, a type of wire product that is made with a special heat treatment and cold drawing process Industrialised building system, a construction process that
utilises products and/ or components which involve prefabricated components and on-site instailations Square metre Cubic metre Miilimetre
Metric tonne Other bUilding materials such as plywood, concrete products, roofing, tiles, pipes, sanitary wares, ironmongery, wire mesh and bricks
Polyvinyl chlorite, a type of synthetic plastic polymer A concrete product that is produced in concrete batching plants Horizontal structural members on a roof truss which form the
fixing points for roofing tiles
A structural framework designed to bridge the space above a bUilding to prOVide support for a roof A coating product that is applied to internal MC wails

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