Technical Terms

ICompany No. 1039846-T I
The following technical abbreviations in this Prospectus bear the same meanings as set out below unless the term is defined otherwise or the context requires otherwise:
Brand equity
Convenience food
Merchandise Planogram
POS Press and convenience retailing
Product principal
SKU(s) The commercial value that derives from positive consumer perception of the recognisable name of a particular product or service. In the case of our Group, our brand equity refers to our trade name of “”.
Ready meals or snacks which are pre-cooked and packaged in disposable form that require minimal preparation (typically just reheating) to be consumed. Such ready meals or snacks can either be chilled or frozen.
A visual schematic that provides in detail where merchandise in a retail outlet is planned to be placed within the outlet’s layout, and also illustrates the facings which are allocated for each SKU.
A form of retailing activity that combines the sale of both print media, convenience retail products and consumer services as detailed in Section 7.5.1 of this Prospectus.
Manufacturer or principal supplier (as the case may be) of a SKU or a type of SKU(s).
Stock keeping unit(s), a distinct item for sale, such as a product or service and includes all attributes associated with that item which distinguishes it from other items (including but not limited to items of similar nature such as material, size, colour, packaging, etc.).

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