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This glossary contains explanation of certain terms used in this Prospectus in connection with our Group and business. The terminologies and their meanings may not correspond to the standard industry meanings or usage of these terms.
“CBR test” “Cast in-situ” “Construction


“Crushing” “dB(A)”
“Excavation” “Fill material”

“Gantt chart”
“Green Card” “Gross Floor Area”

Celsius, a unit measurement of temperature
California Bearing Ratio test, a penetration test meant for the evaluation of subgrade strength of roads and pavements
Generally refers to construction material that is to be assembled or cast on site rather than prefabricated in a factory
The drawings referred to in the construction contract including such drawings which have been prepared by the contractor and accepted by the Superintending Officer and such other drawings as may from time to time be issued or accepted in writing by the Superintending Officer
The act of reducing size of blasted rock materials into smaller rock materials
Decibel (A-weighted filter), a unit measurement of sound level and is typically used to measure environmental noise levels such as noise generated by industry, construction and road traffic
Works involving excavations, embankments and all associated items of works such as drainage, foundations as well as stabilisation and reinforcement. Earthwork construction typically involves the excavation of parts of the earth’s surface particularly soil and rock, and the transportation of the resulting earth to another location. In addition, it may also involve the compaction of the resulting earth or piece of land into a desired shape
Works involving excavating the earth and transporting them within the site to make up level or to an off-site dumping ground
Fill material usually consist of natural material, processed material or demolition material, which is capable of being compacted in accordance with the specified requirements for the formation of stable areas
A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project schedUle. A type of bar chart, a Gantt chart shows the start and finish dates of the different required elements of a project. Henry Laurence Gantt, an American mechanical engineer, is recognised for developing the Gantt chart
An integrated program by CIDB that involves the registration and accreditation of construction personnel who enters construction sites
Total area of floor space within a building, as measured between the external sides of walls or, in the case of party walls, between the centres of such walls
Horsepower, a unit measurement of power and is used to measure the power of engines
Company Number: 426965-M
“ISO 9001 :2008”
“ISO 14001:2015”

“Project site” “Retaining wall”

“Retention sum”
“Runoff” “Shotfirer”

International Organisation for Standardisation, is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Developed through global consensus, they help to break down barriers to international trade
ISO 9001 :2008 sets out the requirements for a quality management system where an organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
ISO 14001 :2015 sets out the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. ISO 14001:2015 is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. Consistent with the organization’s environmental policy, the intended outcomes of an environmental management system include enhancement of environmental performance, fulfilment of compliance obligations and achievement of environmental objectives
liquidated and ascertained damages are damages due to customer calculated at a rate as stated in the contract agreement when a construction contractor fails to deliver the completed work within a period stipulated in the said contract agreement
Long and slender columns placed below ground to function as foundation to support above ground buildings and other structures. The pile’s function is to support the above ground structure by transferring its load down to the rock formation or hard layer of material
The location where our construction project is situated
A type of foundation structure used to retain soil, rock or other materials in a vertical condition. They provide a lateral support to vertical slopes of soil that would otherwise collapse
An amount of progress billings which is not paid until the conditions specified in the agreement for the payment of such amounts have been met or until defects have been rectified
Water from rain that flows over the surface of the ground into streams
A shotfirer is a qualified individual who generally inspects blasting sites and activities as well as assembles, positions and detonates explosives at a blasting site to dislodge rocks
Substructure refers to the bottom part of a contiguous structure that is below a baseline. For bridges, the substructure includes everything below the span such as abutments, piers, piles and other support structure
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“Superintending Officer”
A superintending officer is normally appointed by the employer to administer the terms and conditions of the construction contract between the employer and the contractor, whereby he generally acts as the employer’s representative to certify, supervise and issue work instructions in accordance with the provision of the construction contract
Superstructure refers to the top part of a contiguous structure that is above a baseline. For bridges, the superstructure includes the span that carries the load and everything on and above the span


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