Why Stocqera?
Stocqera was created because of needs. We observed that the Malaysian Equity Market are still behind in terms of the availability of information that is available for retail investors.
Retail investors don’t have that many options and choices available because there are no requirements for companies to disclose sufficient information for retail investors. It is understandable because the priorities are not always for retail but instead for the institutional investors. Compared to the US market and other markets, Malaysian markets still have a lot of improvement needs to be done.
Regardless, Stocqera comes in to plug the gap.
What do Stocqera offers?
First, we noticed that companies spent a lot of money and time preparing for their IPO prospectus for listing. And these IPO prospectus are often being left behind hidden in the Bursa Malaysia websites. When we want to study a particular company in details, we realize that actually the IPO prospectus do provide a lot of useful information even when it is 10 years old. This is because the company is still running the same business and have the same business model. So whatever descriptions provided there are still relevant.
With that, we have decided to take all the IPO prospectus and in their unfriendly and staggered pdf files and make all of the information available online in this website. It is easier to navigate and read through these information online.
Secondly, we also want to make the Annual Report more friendly to investors. We have decided to scrape and take the chairman’s statement and management discussion from all the available annual reports online. It is important for investors to be able to read through chairman’s statement and management discussion across many years so that they can see the progression and transformation of the companies. It is also useful to detect companies with lazy management that kept repeating the same wordings from year to year.
We also provide common-size analysis on the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements and other miscellaneous items.
From time to time, we will keep continuing adding new thing and features here. It is important to take note that we don’t provide any brokerage services and we don’t sell any investment products. Our priority is to provide information and knowledge and we let the investors make their own investing decisions. We are not responsible for any investing decisions being made based on information provided in this website.
It is a hard work but we feel this is something that is needed to be done in order to bring more information and easy accessibility of information to retail investors in Malaysia. In addition, we are also expanding to include the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and other equity market.
This place if for investors. We want to make investors life easy. We want to provide information. We want to gather information. And we want to provide resources for knowledge. Hope you can enjoy this website.
If you have any inquiries or do you want to contribute something? Do contact us.


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